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area map nov 2022
Fruit Haven 1

There are 5 shares at 5% each of FH1 for sale. Coming soon, stay tuned…

Fruit Haven 2
Fruit Haven 3

FH3 lot 5 – with a 5% share of the property ownership includes a 1.5 hectare / 3.7 acre lot, partially cleared and planted with fruits plus a 2 story cabin with kitchen and bathroom+shower, off-grid solar and internet. Asking price is $100,000 USD negotiable.

FH3 lot 9 – with a 5% share of the property ownership includes a 1.5 hectare / 3.7 acre lot, partially cleared with a storage shed. Asking price is $7500 USD or best offer.

FH3 lot 14 and lot 15 Click here for more info.

[FH3 waterfall is a 10min hike from the community area]

Fruit Haven 4

FH4 has lots that are riverfront, closer to the road, or up the hill pasture as well as further up the mountain with secondary forest. Click here for more information, or see the FH4 lots available for sale here.

The 0.8 hectare (2 acre) lots at FH4 are tied to a 5% share of property ownership and range in cost from $9,900 to $13,100 USD each (depending on lot location and other factors). Share includes land purchase and 3-4-year property development budget. After the 3-4 years, owners should expect to pay $300-$500 per share per year to cover basic property maintenance.

Fruit Haven 7

Fruit Haven 7 –  Stage 2. Click here for more info. 7.85 hectare farm, next to Fruit Haven 3. This lot is up in the mountain like FH3. It is ideal for people who prefer remoteness and don’t mind a 25 minute ATV drive up Fruit Haven Private Road to arrive at the property. We plan to install internet, running water, solar electric in the community area. We have purchased the property and are in the process of adjusting the map. More details later this year.

Fruit Haven 8

FH8 is a group buy opportunity of a 27.8 hectare property next to FH7, near FH9, FH11 and FH3. We are looking for a seed investor (or a small group of seed investors) to purchase the property up front and re-sell the shares as a group land buy. Click here for details.

Fruit Haven 9

FH9 is a 29 hectare property next to Fruit Haven 8 and Fruit Haven 7. We are selling shares in 3 phases, starting with the lots on the east side of the property. Click here for details.

There are currently 7 lots of 1/2 hectare (1.2 acres) for sale, for $3400 each. Click the above link for details.

FH8-9 Stream

Fruit Haven 10

This 14 hectare property is down the river, in between Fruit Haven and Terra Frutis. Terra Frutis and FH10 are on the west side of the Rio Zamora, and Fruit Haven 1-9 (plus 11) are on the east side. The property is mostly flat and gentle slope. Click here for more info. All lots for sale are 0.5 hectares and are tied to 5% property ownership. Note that these lots are slightly more expensive than other current offerings because of the road access and powerline, making this a good option for people who prioritize access and amenities.

Fruit Haven 10 – General Property Info and lots for sale – click here

Fruit Haven 11

We are looking for seed investors for a 40-hectare property near FH3, FH7, FH8 and FH9. Click here for details.

Other Land For Sale

Terra Frutis Personal PlotsSee the private lots at Terra Fruits here