Community Members and Residents

Community members and long-term residents…

  • Must have stayed at least 3 months as a volunteer before becoming a resident, and 6 months in total before becoming a community member.
  • Can eat food produced from the farm in exchange for help on the land, but anything beyond that must be purchased themselves from local markets or neighboring farms and we often do a weekly food order, usually most people spend between $30 to $60 per week. (our farm does not yet produce sufficient food to feed everyone here year-round)
  • Pay $10 per month for utilities (internet and electric).
  • Have an expectation to help out with planting fruit trees, other permaculture tasks, maintenance and cleaning of facilities, and other important tasks. Community members should contribute to the community they are staying in, or else they will be asked to leave.
  • Held to a general expectation of approximately 20 hours weekly service to the community, can include working for paid jobs within the community.
  • Are expected to participate in group activities, which generally happen once or twice a week, and are a great community-building and social bonding experience.

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