FH3 lot 5

FH3 Lot 5

is a 1.5 hectare (3.75 acre) property with a 2-story cabin tucked away in the forested mountainside of Fruit Haven 3 (5% share), surrounded by lush greenery for maximum privacy. The cabin is 810 square feet and boasts one of the most picturesque views of any Fruit Haven property. The first floor of the house includes the kitchen, bathroom and spacious living room area. The second floor includes one large bedroom and the front porch. The front porch of the house is facing directly west to take full advantage of the beautiful sunsets.

When you arrive on this property, you are immediately struck by how quiet and peaceful it is. This is because it is remote enough for very little traffic noise to reach. Yet it is still only a 10 minute ATV ride down the mountain to the shops and Cafe del Rio of Chuchumbletza. The drive up hill is about 15min or a (steep) 45min hike up. From the main road of Chuchumbletza, it is a 30 minute bus ride to the nearest town of El Pangui, or 40 minutes to Gualaquiza. The remote location means there is virtually no light pollution, so nights during dry periods are exceptionally starry.


The house is 100% off-grid and is powered by solar. The solar panel system has a 920W panel array, 700ah battery bank, 50a MPPT charge controler, and a 3000W (6000W peak power) inverter. This provides ample power to support the fridge, high-wattage blender such as a vitamix, juicer and several other appliances and electronic devices. The house comes with 6MBPS internet already installed with a broadband antenna and router.

The kitchen comes with a full-size refridgerator with freezer, 2-eye propane stove, double sink, 1-micron ceramic water filtration system, screened cabinets, and L-shaped granite countertops with plenty of food prep space. The bathroom inlcudes a dry composting toilet, bidet sprayer, sink, and shower. The house’s water supply comes from the nearby Numbaime stream. Water is gravity fed to the house via Fruit Haven 3’s water line. There is more than enough water pressure for the kitchen, bathroom and garden hose.

Next to the house is a 4×5 meter roof structure suitable for parking an ATV or dirt bike. Here there is a lockable tool storage cabinet large enough to fit a generator, chainsaw, power tools, gas cans, etc. There are also several dozen wooden 10x10cm beams stored here which could be sold or used for add-ons to the house or other construction projects.

Food forest

Right outside the kitchen is a conveniently placed garden with 11 raised beds that are producing sweet potatoes, ginger, turmeric, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, peanuts, yuca, Brazilian spinach, naranjilla, watermelon, and flat-leaf oregano. There are 4 banana circles located near the house for easy harvesting and easy disposal of compostible kitchen scraps. There are also 5 swales dug into the slope located directly in front (west) of the house. The swales and surrounding food forest are currently producing bananas, papayas, pineapples, dragon fruit, jackfruit, sugar cane, and edible greens such as katuk and cranberry hibiscus. Other fruit trees planted on the swales that have not yet fruited include ice cream bean, peanut butter fruit and rambutan. To the back of the house (east) there is a spacious yard and a large stone fire pit.

Currently only about 1/2 acre of the property is developed. There are several other flat areas on the property that could be planted or have structures built on them.

Rent the whole lot with the house for $450/month, 3 months minimum. To rent it please fill out the guest questionnaire.

Note: all payment transfer fees (such as paypal) must be covered by the renters. Transport (ATV/Quad/Bike) not included.

The lot is for sale for $100k (plus closing fees), the price is negotiable.
To make an offer please fill out the Trustee Questionnaire

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