Our Vision

The bylaws passed via consensus at a community meeting at Fruit Haven 1 on 17 May 2019:

At Fruit Haven, we envision a worldwide network of decentralized, autonomous, fruitarian communities, operating in a sovereign manner, with a comfortable balance between the rights of individuals and the functioning of the community. Growing an abundance of our own fruits and vegetables and eating a raw vegan diet will provide the physical backbone of superior health, while non-violent communication and consensus-based decision making processes will provide the organizational backbone of a resilient and successful community. Through the use of permaculture methods of cultivation, we will help to restore the world’s ecosystems to their healthy natural state, while creating an example to guide others. Above all, we celebrate health, wholeness, and connection to nature in a community of conscious fruit-loving individuals.


Disclaimer: there have been attempts by various owners to change the vision however they have not passed the consensus minus one decision making rule, therefore the above vision remains current since it is the only one that passed the consensus decision making process we have at this time (2024).