Welcome to FH3!

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    • Communal dishes, cutlery, blenders (please see the power section below), stove, etc.
    • Leave the space clean after use
    • Dry dishes with a towel and put away immediately (not leaving them on drying rack please)
    • Water comes from the stream, 1 micron ceramic charcoal filter for drinking (fill the water from tap). Bare with us and have patience when there’s outages, heavy rain can clog up the intake and temporary outages when we are maintaining the systems, we are often working to improve the systems.
    • For anyone leaving rotting food, you will be fined from your security deposit (see policy).
    • Compost bins for fruit/veg scraps, paper/cardboard and anything organic, please take it to appropriate location and not scatter around the community area to avoid wild life that can be dangarous (mice and rats which then atract venomous snakes)
    • Plastic trash bin for anything non-compostable (wrap any glass/metal that is sharp with something), ideally taken out to the Chuchumbleza bridge trash bins or request someone to help take it down.

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