Please see the general welcome page for more information, here is the information regarding FH1 community area:

  • FH1 Harvesting Guidelines to be followed at FH1.
  • FH1 Sharing shelf – shared among FH1 residents only, use as needed, don’t take all to your box please, if not from FH1 please ask a resident and share fairly.
  • Please add name to cleaning list and read the tasks linked (and posted on the wall – ask for help on first time)
  • Note: the cat will eat the following food that is left out at easy place for him to reach: avocado, cucumber, papaya, watermelon (if open), nuts and seeds, oats or cooked beans – he can rip plastic bags – please remember to store it in a closed container of hard plastic or in the closed shelves provided.
  • WiFi hours 7am to 10pm at FH1 community area.