volunteer Remotely

If you can’t see yourself helping us out at the farm but would nevertheless want to help us out remotely, we could currently use help in the area noted below. If you have some other ideas in mind, you are welcome to mention them to us for consideration.

In general, we are hoping to improve our web presence to gather more financial support for the project and to strengthen our communications with our supporters. We strongly believe that if the rest of the world would do more to support projects like these, the world would be better off.

For volunteering remotely, contact us.

Graphic Designer – Make Art with Heart!

If you have some talent in making digital illustrations, logos etc. We could definitely benefit from those.

Web Developer – Let’s Code the World Green!

If you are so technically inclined, we could really use whatever skills in web development you have. We are using some of the technologies below.

  • Linux servers – Arch, Debian
  • WordPress – PHP/HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Docker
  • Nextcloud

We are in the process to setup our own mail server with iRedmail and xmpp,

if you have experience or want to help us learn contact us