Listing on Fruit Haven Website

For Fruit Haven Trustees only

Rental Policy: if you’d like to rent your property, at 10% commission from the rental price we will list your place on our website on a page and link from pages such as Room Rentals and we manage the communication with renters that looking for a place to stay while visiting Fruit Haven. We will manage hiring the local workers to clean the place (cost of the worker is extra) and bedding (assuming you already have it or we can purchase on your behalf and deliver to your property) before the guests arrive, as well as meet and welcome them with instructions on how to stay there.

Other Ads: for things that are harder to track revenue/income we will charge $100/year fee to list on the website, including links to your page and email or other contact you would like on a special page for your ad.

Note: we cannot go by monthly or refund anything less than 1 year, nor will we switch the “Rental Policy” to “Other Ad” policy mid-way through a rental in order to keep the commission for the rental management team.