House Sitting opportunity – at FH1

1. The dates are July 4 to July 26 or so. There’s some flexibility of the dates that can allow more time if your wanna come earlier but not much later than 27th unless you would like to rent at the normal rates here.

2. The stay is free during the time specified and location (FH1), apart from basic maintenance on your own and basic supplies up to you to get such as toilet paper (we have a butt spray bidet that helps reduce the paper used), wood shavings (we use a dry composting toilet) they cost $2 each and normal use is about 1-2 sack per week. Laundry is $2 per load in our machine (there are laundry mats in nearby town as well) we don’t have a dryer. You are welcome to leave a donation (cash accepted), suggestion is $50/month for utilities like electric, internet and utility use, however it is not mandatory since we have no renter at this time.

3. The requirement is that all food in the property remain vegan and chemical free, unprocessed as possible (minimal processing is allowed of course, we have a blender and cooking is allowed as long as no oil is used, salt only the natural kind if possible.) We grow lots of food and you are welcome to help yourself to the bananas, lemons, rolinia and mandarines are in season and possibly still at that time. We have some papayas too and plenty of tropical greens in the garden that can be harvested with instructions. Outside our property there are neighbors and local community members that may sell fruit. There are a few shop near us in the village 10 minute walk away (possibly rent a bicycle if you’d like) as well as two restaurants there. And the two cities are well accessible.

4. We require a guest application filled out since we are a community and we have multiple owners. Please fill it out here

5. Location: is between El pangui and Gualaquiza (after Zamora on the Zamora river) see getting here, more detailed instructions will be sent after approval. The FH1 house has 2 rooms and a pond hut cabin, if nothing is reserved you have the choice of any of those if you’d like. We can provide bedsheets for $5 per stay or you can bring your own.

6. $100 security deposit is required and will be returned 30 days after departure, as per our security deposit policy

Check the website for more details on the about, diet and lifestyle, what to bring, etc. If approved we will email you the arrival directions.

Let us know if you have more questions contact us via email or any other method that you prefer (whatsapp, telegram or facebook messenger, etc)