Homesteaders' Hub

Ordering Products

Get a variety of agricultural and construction products ordered and delivered directly to your PHL. Makes managing farming and construction way easier. Send an email to to place an order. See price list here.

Ordering Plants

Whether you are having your fruit trees planted remotely, or are here doing it yourself, you can use this availability and price list to help order plants that are available at our nurseries. See list here

Work Orders

Request work done at your private homestead lot or a FH community area using the Work Request Form.

Developing your PHL

Click here for a PDF guide on developing your personal homestead lot.



In The Works:

  • An embedded shopping cart / order form for the materials (see above: “Ordering Products.”) This should happen by 2022.
  • Encrypted, secure, easy-to-use file-hosting service for all your PHL files including property maps, title documents, project estimates, and pictures of your lot (planting and construction update photos.) We currently use Google Drive but we want to migrate from Google to a more ethical company that doesn’t mine and sell our data, so we will install NextCloud (FOSS) on a VPS and use that. All your current files will be migrated and we will send you a link in your email to the new folder once we make this change (should happen by August 2019.)