FH9 Construction Deposit

You may have noticed the first lots for sale on FH9 are really cheap. We want to spur development ASAP and get people living on FH9!

When you buy one of these lots, we ask that you pay a construction deposit of $2000 USD. This will be held by us on your behalf and used for your future construction on your FH9 lot. It can be credited towards any construction costs. Read the terms below to understand when you should start building.


Curious about construction at Fruit Haven?

You can build your own house, or we can help you with the construction. We have years of experience building many types of structures. Read this page for more information.

FH9 Construction Deposit – Terms

  • Buyer must start development on their lot a maximum of 30 days from the date that the following conditions are met:
    • The access road is dug and driveable to the southern boundary of FH3
    • There are at least 2 buyers
  • Buyers, once they start initial development on their lots, must maintain a virtually 24/7 presence on the FH9 land, to prevent vandalism of remote work sites. This can be spread between multiple buyers and/or FH9 community area development, and it can consist of workers living on the worksite, buyers themselves camping there, or volunteer/caretaker arrangements. Fruit Haven management will assist with logistics such as initial internet access, support base sites, radio communication, etc to make this a seamless and safe process.
  • Buyer must make a $2,000 USD deposit to a community-approved cash holder for their PHL account, at the time of the sale, to be used for development on their lot, in order to guarantee that they will start development on their lot in the required time period. These funds will be disbursed by the cash holder as necessary once the development starts.