FH2 Lot 5

Lot 5 of Fruit Haven 2 is for sale. The listed price is $35,000 USD plus closing costs.

General Sale Info

FH2 lot 5 is a 0.84 hectares/1.85 acre property 5% share with one of the most beautiful views of all the Fruit Haven properties. You get a full 180 degrees panoramic view of all the surrounding mountains and the sunset too!
FH2 is the best location if you want to be far enough from the noise of the village/river, but not too remote in the forest. It’s only a 5 minute ride on a motorcycle/ATV from the Chuchumbletza village/bridge, or a mere 15 minutes walk.

About 25% of the lot was professionally cleared, with an excavator, all the roots were pulled. This is the area closest to the road, where the driveway is located. All the buildings are placed in this area. Another 15% was partially cleared where fruit trees can be planted.

There’s a big, 9m x 9m (30ft x 30 ft) building (11m x 11m – 36ft x 36 ft- with roof overhangs) near the road that can be used as livingroom/kitchen/storage and also bedrooms/sleeping lofts can be partitioned – see photos below. The building has a huge 120 sq meter (1300 sq ft) roof that can collect plenty of rain water to cover all your needs and also plenty of solar panels can be installed on it. Gutters are already installed.
A 3m x 3m “A frame” cabin is placed about 20 meters from the road, it’s equipped with a large hardwood bed with a brand new 200cm x 160cm mattress.
There’s also a finished dry composting toilet and a structure ready shower and bathroom.

A 250cc Sukida dirt bike also comes with the property that you can use to carry all your food and tools. Also a variety of hand tools, blankets, kitchenware, stove, propane tank, hammocks, rubber boots, etc. are included in the sale price.

Fiberoptic internet can be hooked up. Installation cost is usually $150. Internet service costs about $30/month for ~80 MBPS up/down.

For electricity, the most viable option here is a solar system, which can be installed on your house from $2-$4k for a basic system.

There is cell phone signal on this lot, but no or very weak 3G/4G.

Photos: Click here

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