FH1 lot 2 is a 1 hectare / 2.5 acre property with a cabin, fruit forest and a pond, hidden away in a valley, surrounded by the jungle of Fruit Haven 1 (5% share), allowing maximum peace and privacy.

Asking price is $50,000

The cabin holds one room, with a King sized bed and a hammock from which you can enjoy a fairytale view of the mountains, villages and lakes below.
There is a separate kitchen/dining/office area, as well as a bathroom with tiled bath and a hot shower and a compost toilet room next door.
The structures are all fenced off for extra safety and the enclosed garden area has a paved space perfect for some sunbeds or a table with chairs, there is also an existing fire pit (think evening fires with warm, creamy plantains!)

This remote, tucked in property has very little traffic noise, but it’s only a 10 minute quad/ATV/bike ride down the mountain to the local shops and Cafe del Rio of Chuchumbletza. There are two options for getting to the property from Chuchumbletza on foot, either via a 15 minute hike up a private shortcut that’s hidden right by the house, or a road going through Fruit Haven 2, which takes about 20-25 minutes.

From the main road of Chuchumbletza, it is a 30 minute bus ride to the nearest town of El Pangui, or 40 minutes to Gualaquiza. Both of which have fruit markets, plenty of fruit and veg shops, supermarkets, clothes shops, hardware stores, banks, cafes and restaurants… Everything you need!

The house is ready to live and move into, it is 100% off-grid and is powered by solar panel energy. There is enough power to support a fridge/freezer and several other electronic devices.

The cabin/house will come with a king sized bed, a hammock, a stand with shelves and a chest of drawers.
The kitchen will come with a sink, countertop, fruit cabinet, lockable storage shelf, a safe, a coffee table, a desk and an office chair, there is also a washing machine, however in order to power this, the generator needs to be turned on whilst it’s in use (a newly replaced Yamaha brand generator will also be included in the sale). Some kitchen accessories like plates and drinking glasses, will also be ready for your use!
There is internet already installed with a broadband antenna and router with ethernet wired and wireless wifi.
The toilet includes a dry composting toilet and a bidet sprayer.
The bathroom holds a tiled bath tub, perfect for candle-lit bubble baths, there is also a hot-water shower.

The property’s water supply comes from the nearby mountain stream, so the water is clean and safe to drink, however for extra precaution, there is an additional water filter connected to the water pipes coming into the lot.
The water system is private and is connected solely to this property (no other owners are connected to it).
There is more than enough water pressure for the kitchen, bathroom and garden hose.
There is a lockable tool storage cabinet, with a different range of tools, all of which will also come with this property, as well as a camera which can be connected to and accessed right from your phone via an app.

There is also a roofed “shed” area at the start of the lot, where the wheelbarrow and other larger items can be stored.

Food forest
Surrounding the property, there are many different, rare fruit trees/plants planted and many already producing:
bananas (red, cedar, caben, orinoco, namwah, burro, orito), papayas, iniaku, noni, tree tomatoes, rollinias, starfruit, ruby guavas, sapote, choquette, tamarind, avocado, chonta, sugarcane (including rare buddhabelly variety), ackee, jaboticaba grapes (red and green), chilli peppers, lemons, rambutan, mulberries, mysore raspberries, matoa, dabai, mangosteen, surinam cherry, passionfruit, peanut butter fruit, monstera deliciosa.

There some other flat areas on the land that could be used for more planting or have structures built on them.

Note: all payment transfer fees (such as paypal, bank transfer/currency exchange fees etc.) must be covered by the buyer. Transport (ATV/Quad/Bike) not included.
The property is for sale for $50,000 (PLUS closing costs), the property sale price is negotiable.

To make an offer please fill out the Trustee Questionnaire

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