FH2 Lot 6

General Sale Info

A 5% share of Fruit Haven 2 is for sale, that is tied to FH2 Lot 6, a 0.84 hectare / 2.07 acre homestead lot. The asking price is $77,700 USD (plus closing costs, see below.) Send us an email at fruithaven@protonmail.com if you are interested.

Access and Terrain

Lot 6 is located a 5 minute drive (motorcycle/quad) or 20 minute walk from the Fruit Haven 2 community area, and is only a 20 minute walk from the waterfall at Fruit Haven 3.

This land is on our private road, 1km up the hill from the walking bridge over the Rio Zamora which is the nearest access point to the public road. You can arrive via motorcycle or quad. In the future there will be vehicle access from the main road. There is a driveway that allows you to drive right up to the house. We recommend a quad (4-wheeled ATV) for best performance in the rain, but several people here have motorcycles and do just fine. In the future when there is a connection to the public road, you can arrive via pickup truck or jeep.

The lot is mostly flat with slight sloping in some areas, then a bit of a hill going down to the west end of the stream as it leaves the lot. There is a gentle slope down towards the small stream in the middle of the lot, which is flowing year round.

fh2 l6 window
fh2 l6 bed

Jungle House

Lot 6 has a 2-story cabin (71.5 sqm, 770 sqft). The tropical hardwood is naturally resistant to termites, though the structural beams have also been treated to provide longer life. It has stunning views of the mountains, river, and valley to the west and south, which would be even more amazing if you took down a few trees. The roof is clay tiles, durable and long lasting. Clay tile roofs should last 50+ years with proper maintenance, and they reduce the sound of the rain, in addition to reducing heat during the day and radiating it at night.

The raised 2nd floor of the house has one big bedroom (5×5 meters or 16×16 feet), and a porch looking out to the south. There is a queen-sized bed with tropical hardwood bedframe. The first floor has a small cement floor area with a compost toilet stall and a shower. There is also a kitchenette area with a stainless steel one-piece counter and sink with shelves. The rest of the first floor is earthen, leaving it an “open slate” for future owners to possibly add a tiled or stone floor.

The area on the east and west sides of the house are flat and unplanted, leaving space for vegetable gardens and a yard for enjoyment. The north window of the bedroom looks out over the vast burgeoning food forest that is covering the rest of lot 6.

The bedroom has screened windows and a locking door.


House construction FH2 lot 6


There is running water hooked up near the house, from a water system that has an intake on the nearby Quebrada Orito. The pressure and volume is sufficient for sinks, shower, etc. The house has a stainless steel sink/counter unit with shelves, and a shower.

There is a solar system providing electricity. It has 200Ah @ 24V of battery capacity with 400W of solar panels and a 1500W pure sine wave inverter. The house is wired with lights, plug outlets, and a motion sensor light. Internet is not yet installed but this can easily be done. Fiberoptic internet is coming down our private road in the near future.

There is cell phone signal on this lot.

f2 l6 stairs
fh2l6 house far<br />
Map of FH2 lot 6


This is a detailed map of Lot 2 with GPS coordinates. The brown rectangle indicates the location of the house. You can also see a lot map of Fruit Haven 2 showing all the lots including lot 6.

We encourage you to come visit the land, or you can arrange a Skype or Facebook call with us to ask detailed questions about the land. Basic questions can be asked via email. 0.84 hectares is more than enough land to raise food for a family.


fh2 lot map
fh2 l6 house far 2

Permaculture Food Forest

The lot is fully planted with a professionally designed food forest, including multiple banana varieties such as namwa and orito, grafted citrus (including oranges, tangerines, and lemons), grafted soursop, jackfruit, marang, mysore raspberry, and yellow dragonfruit. The trees were planted over three years ago and some production has already started, including jackfruit and bananas. The area around the house is unplanted to leave space for vegetable gardens or other structures. The areas in between the trees are planted with rows of nitrogen fixing and/or chop and drop plants such as inga, flemingia, mexican sunflower, and vetiver grass.

f2 l6 room 2

Closing Costs

The closing costs will be $2000. See details here.

Please note that the owner of this share has not yet paid their share of the Fruit Haven 2 property maintenance budget for 2022-2023, which is $300, or the one-time Fruit Haven Security budget which was $222. These $522 of obligations must be paid by the buyer after the sale, if the seller does not pay it beforehand.

FH2 Property Development Fund

Your purchase of Lot 6 incurs no immediate obligation to the FH2 Property Development Fund, but after the current budget period is up this year, you should expect to pay about $300-$500 per year towards the fund in order to cover general property maintenance expenses including marking property boundaries, upkeep of the FH2 community area, et cetera. The budget for this fund is proposed by any trustee or the project administrator, and approved by all FH2 owners, at the end of each year for the following year.

fh2 l6 solar system