Fruit Haven 2 – Lot 3

General Sale Info

This is a 5% share (includes your name on the title) for sale in the Fruit Haven 2 property.

It is tied to a 0.84 hectare lot on the east side of the property along our private access road. It also includes 5% total ownership of the property including common elements such as the Fruit Haven 2 community area and private roads. Contact us at if you have questions about the property.

 If you’re interested in buying this share, be sure to read all the information on the Group Land Buys page (link at top menu) and fill out the trustee questionnaire.

Read below for more information on this property.


Buildings and Features

The fully furnished 71.5 sqm (770 sqf) house on FH2 lot 3 has 1 bedroom on the second floor with a king sized bed, and a porch with breathtaking views of the mountains to the north. The first floor has a kitchen with full-size fridge/freezer, a living room area (sofa and coffee table), a bathroom with sink and composting toilet, and the floor is tiled with porcelain. Under the stairs there is a storage closet that also houses the powerful solar system.

The separate hot bathtub/shower structure has ceramic tiles, and is large enough for two people.

There is 6 MBPS internet installed with a broadband antenna and router, and fiberoptic hopefully coming soon. The ample solar system has 1640W of monocrystalline panels, 800Ah of sealed gel batteries with a 3000W inverter. The Victron charge controller has bluetooth capability so you can monitor the solar system from your phone. There is also a backup charge controller in case of failure.  


It is a short walk down the hill to the FH2 community area or across the bridge to the small town of Chuchumbleza where you can find small shops with essential items, a charming café, and catch a bus (~$1.15) or a taxi ($5-$10) to the city of Gualaquiza (25 min-40 min) or El Pangui (15 min) . The Fruit Haven 1 community house is also a short walk down the public road and a beautiful natural waterfall, perfect for swimming on a hot day, is a 20 minute hike away. There is another stream just 15 minutes hike away that is big enough to bathe in.  


This lot is almost totally filled with a young fruit forest. Fruit trees include durian, jackfruit, rollinia, rambutan, rambai, mandarin orange, multiple banana varieties, soursop, peanut butter fruit, papaya, sugarcane, yellow dragonfruit, granadilla, mysore raspberry, and more.

There is an auxiliary shed roof structure with a locking tool storage cabinet, and multiple large areas on the lot have already been flattened with the excavator for possible future cabins or greenhouses.

Closing Costs

Closing costs for this share of Fruit Haven 2 will be $3,000 USD. Click on the link to read more about what this covers.

For more information, contact us at